czwartek, 8 października 2015

Welcome back!

Hello everyone, 

After a very long break from blogging due to fact I have sold my camera last year, and I kind of concentrated on different things, I am back! 
I really did missed blogging, and I think I needed time to actually realise how much I enjoy do it. 
Hopefully, this time it will be my break. 
I promise to do better ;) 

Many things changed over this time, I finished my Diploma Level 2 Art and Design Course at Leeds City College last year, and I just started a Level 3 Art and Design Course at Leeds College of Art. 
It definitely was the best decision I could have made. 
I finally feel like it is my place, and I enjoy every time spent there. 
Unfortunately, I am going to spend there only a year, and I need to start looking into Universities. I am still not quite sure wherever I would like to study and what course to choose. But probably I will stick to Art and Design or something with fashion, not sure yet. We will see, I might change my mind and go for something totally different. 

In today's post you can see effect of my cooperation with amazing photographer 
Agata Tomaszewska. 
Recently, my outfits are more vintage/casual in dark colours. I definitely need to start buying more colorful clothes! Oh well, maybe next time. 
However, I felt in love with my black trousers, literally I can wear them with everything!
Depending of my mood, I can be more glamour and wear high heels, or make it more like 'street wear' by wearing vans. 

Another thing which I am so impressed by is my hair! ehm, extensions hair.  For the first time I have synthetic extensions and one piece, which literally takes me like 3 min to wear them! 
I always been spending fortune on natural human hair which, but I can't tell much difference in looking between my natural hair and the syntec one! So cheap and soo good, definitely recommended! 

Photos by: 

Bag and Hair extensions from New Dress.

Trousers from Mango
Watch from DKNY
T-shirt from Zara
Shoes fromTruffle
Jacket from H&M


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